Karma Technical Information

The Karma Automotive Technical Portal is dedicated to the independent workshops that professionally execute repairs and service on the Karma Automotive Vehicles. The information in this portal will give subscribers access to all up-to-date emissions related documents to assure accuracy and efficiency in the execution of the repairs.

Registration and subscription are required to access the content.

Available documents:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reference and Trouble Shooting guide (STI Manual)
  • Technical Service Bulletins and other Service Publication
  • Workshop Manual (Service Manual)
  • Electrical Schematics and Connector References
  • Owner's operation manual
  • Contact Email for parts inquiries (normal service, Emission related repairs, etc.)

The data on this site is provided as a guide and could be out of date due to changes nature and also to adapt to the law in different countries.

The repair and service operations on Karma vehicles contained in the technical information published on the site must be carried out only by motor vehicle repair professionals using the required tools.
Karma Automotive LLC assumes no liability for operations carried out using this technical information.

Please email karmasupport@karmaautomotive.com and we will get back to you with your required information