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Karma Automotive

Karma   Automotive   Receives   Clean   Energy   Champion   Award   at     Southern   California   Edison’s   AAPI   Heritage   Month   Event

05 . 14 . 2024

IRVINE, CA (date) — Karma Automotive, an ultra-luxury EV manufacturer headquartered in Irvine, received the 2024 Clean Energy Champion Award at Southern California Edison’s 18th annual Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month event.

The award is given to individuals or organizations that demonstrate exceptional commitment and innovation to furthering California’s clean energy goals. Karma was selected due to the organization’s dedication to creating clean energy jobs as well as innovative, sustainable business and manufacturing practices.

“We are honored to receive the AAPI award, which speaks to our unwavering commitment to drive positive environmental change in the auto industry,” said Karma President Marques McCammon.   “This is a testament to our team, customers, and community, a partnership that is pushing for a cleaner and healthier future.”

As part of its mission to promote clean energy adoption, Karma recently established an onsite battery assembly at its Moreno Valley manufacturing plant, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing freight transportation. Karma has also installed heavy-duty supercharging stations at the facility, allowing businesses and community organizations to rapidly charge larger and heavy-duty electric vehicles.

Additionally, Karma has installed new solar panels at their headquarters in Irvine and will soon have them at their manufacturing facility.

“Karma remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in our vehicles and production process,” said McCammon.  “We ask ourselves every day, ‘how can we do it differently, and how can we do it better?’”

Karma recently introduced three new EVs, the Kaveya super coupe GT, the Gyesera sedan and the newly remodeled Revero, which will bring more than 300 new jobs to the region when production reaches full operation.

About Karma Automotive
Karma Automotive ( is an ultra-luxury vehicle company that engineers, designs and manufactures its electric and range extended electric vehicles in Southern California. Headquartered in Irvine, with a production facility in Moreno Valley, Karma’s dealer network includes North America, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

2024 marks Karma’s 10th anniversary – a yearlong celebration that features the world debut of several vehicles, a renewed focus on the company’s mission to be an inspiration for a smarter, cleaner global future as well as the introduction of Karma’s new brand campaign.


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